Gold Storage

ATS Bullion Ltd provide a safe, secure and insured allocated storage option for your gold investments.

Allocated gold is gold owned completely by the investor and is stored in a professional bullion vault. This service offers free delivery to the vault and individual, separate allocated accounts which are insured through Lloyds of London.

Please see below for a list of FAQs regarding our storage service, or call us on 020 7240 4040 for more information.

How much does it cost to store my gold?

The charge is 1% + VAT of the value of the holdings per annum. This will be charged from December 1st, or the date into which the gold goes into storage. The minimum charge for a deposit is £100 + VAT (i.e. any holdings under £10,000). If the goods are added during the year, a new invoice will be issued for the new holdings on the date it is added and charged up to December 1st on a pro rata basis (per month). A new invoice will then be issued the following December 1st for the entire holdings.

Who are you insured by?

We are underwritten by Lloyds of London through a Jewellers Block Policy which extends to include goods in trust, i.e. we are insured to hold client goods. Therefore you can be confident that your goods are safe and secure.

What happens if I take out my gold before the end of the year, will I get a refund?

Please be aware that no refunds are available if goods are taken out before the year is out. This is due to ATS Bullion Ltd committing to the insurance.

Where is the vault? Secure Storage

The vault is offsite and secure. We cannot tell you where it is because then it wouldn't be safe and secure! It goes without saying: you cannot visit the vault.

Can I store silver, art, wine or anything else?

Currently we are only able to store gold.

How do I withdraw my gold?

If you would like to collect your gold we require a minimum of 24 hours' notice and photo identification. If you would like your gold delivered we would require an authorisation letter with photo identification instructing us to deliver with the address.

How do I sell my gold?

If you would like to sell your gold to ATS Bullion Ltd we can fix a price over the phone or in the office. We would then require an authorisation letter with photo identification authorising ATS Bullion to withdraw the gold from the holdings. After we have the authorisation letter and photo identification payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque. Cash can also be paid out up to a certain limit if the transaction is completed at our premises.