Sell Platinum Bars

Selling platinum bars is a relatively new finance choice, especially when compared with the 5,000-year history of selling gold and silver. Yet platinum has many selling benefits due to its physical rarity and unique value to technological applications.

As well as selling platinum bars, we also buy them. Regardless of whether you bought them from us or not, we are always happy to give you the best price we can for your platinum bars.

Whether you’re a first-time seller or an experienced trader, you can rest assured knowing that ATS will offer you only the best rates and the easiest process. With decades of experience in buying and selling, you’ll always receive a fair and honest price with ATS.

We have the most established, professional bullion counter service in the UK.

Sell Platinum Bars

Here’s how you can sell your platinum bars with ATS.

Start off by doing your research. Find out what the current spot price of platinum is – prices are often given per troy ounce, so it’s important that you know the overall weight of your platinum bar before you determine its current value.

Our live charts are constantly updated, displaying live metal feeds that update every minute, giving you the exact price for your bars whenever you need. Find them here to work out what the most up to date value of your platinum bar is.

When it comes to selling your platinum bars, it couldn’t be simpler. Either come into our office or send your bullion through the post, using insured delivery.

Visit Our Offices

Selling your platinum bars over the counter is quick, safe and reliable. Visit our offices at 2 Savoy Court, Strand, and bring at least one form of photo ID for up to £5,000.

Our trained bullion dealers will display the current metal price and quote you the price we are currently buying your bars at.

Once the evaluation is over, choose your payment method from either a transfer, cheque or cash.

Sell Platinum Bars Through the Post

Selling platinum bars through the post is just as easy too.

When selling your platinum bars through the post, we recommend you used an insured courier. We tend to use Royal Mail Special Delivery with insurance, but feel free to research with method is best for you.

Send the platinum bars, along with a letter instructing us that you wish to sell the enclosed bars, to ATS Limited, 2 Savoy Court, Strand, London, WC2R 0EZ. One of our trained dealers will then call you to confirm the price and offer you a choice of payment method.