Meet the Team

Our Team

We have an excellent team here at ATS Bullion and we thought we should introduce them to you.

Did you know? The name ATS is actually an abbreviation and stands for Alfred Terry Spink! Alfred Terry founded in 1909 were a jewellery manufacturer based in North London and Spink comes from our time as Spink's bullion department from 1666 until 2002, when we became independent.

To find out more about ATS Bullion and our history click here to visit read more About Us.

Mike Burrow - Managing Director

MB Picture

Mike is our managing director and has been from May 2014. He originally joined ATS in 2007 and worked his way up from sales assistant.

He has a keen eye for coins and is the driving force behind ATS' success.
His interests are: Football, Golf & Fitness.

Mike recently featured in a 'Beginners' Guide to buying Gold' video for Moneyweek
which you can view on our own Beginners' Guide.

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