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  1. 1989 Gold Sovereign – A Fine Year

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    Today is the 21st February and 30 years today in 1989, I was born. Reason enough no doubt to celebrate, you will surely think. If you must send me a celebratory Birthday hamper, I will not stop you. Typically when I first joined ATS Bullion, I thought to myself as all would-be-coin-dealers, “I will buy myself the sovereign made in 1989”. Only to find that it happens to be the most sought after and collectible proof gold sovereign made in modern times. Looking back, I probably should have bought it then, as we were selling 1989 proof gold sovereign at approximately £900 and now they trade for roughly £1400-£1500. Oh well – one day perhaps.

    So what makes the 1989 Proof Gold Sovereign so special?

    Aside from being my birth year, the 1989 Gold Sovereign was produced to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the first gold sovereign. The first gold sovereign was produced in 1489 in the reign of Henry VII.

    proof gold sovereign 1989

    1989 Gold Sovereign

    1989 Gold Sovereign Design

    The beautiful design was the work of the British sculptor Bernard Sindall. The obverse features an effigy of Her Majesty the Queen seated in the throne of State, beset in a crown and full heraldic robes. On the reverse, the coin features the Tudor rose adorned with a crown. Encircling the rose is an inscription “Anniversary of the Gold Sovereign 1489-1989” in a Tudor style type face.

    1989 Gold Sovereign Specification

    The 1989 gold sovereign, was struck in 22 carat fine gold and weighs 7.98g. The issue limit for a single proof sovereign was 12,500 – although only 10,535 were made. The coin originally came encapsulated in a Royal Mint box with a certificate of authenticity.

    How do I buy a 1989 Gold Sovereign?

    The 1989 gold sovereign is the most elusive of the proof gold sovereign coins. That doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands one. However, the price of them is significantly more than your standard proof sovereign. Typically a proof sovereign with box and certificate will trade for between £350-£450 depending on mintage amounts and the demand. The 1989 proof gold sovereign with box and certificate, as of writing this trades between £1400-£1500. There are 1989 sovereigns that will be without their box and certificate and they will trade between £1000-£1150. There is still a good market for the coins without box and certificate and if buying for a 30th present (hint hint) they make excellent gifts.

    If you are looking for a 1989 sovereign we sell both with box and certificate and without here:
    1989 Gold Sovereign – Boxed
    1989 Gold Sovereign – No Box No Cert

    If you are also wondering about what a proof coin is, or if there is any difference between bullion coins and proof coins. Here is a quick guide as to the difference in production and dying techniques. Here is the article What are Gold proof coins?

  2. Is Gold a Good Investment for the Future?

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    Throughout the centuries, gold has been used to protect investments and preserve wealth.

    For those looking at where to invest money, you may be questioning: is gold a good investment for the future?

    To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the top 3 reasons why gold is worth investing in.


    1. Gold keeps its value.

    Gold has kept its value for over 500 years, and this isn’t about to change anytime soon.

    When you invest in gold, you don’t need to worry about how currencies will change, inflate or devalue over the years. Gold will always remain a solid investment.

    1. Gold gives you protection in difficult times.

    You can never predict what’s going to happen in the financial world.

    Because gold keeps its value – it’s a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect it against any unforeseen dangers.

    Gold is also one of the few markets that tends to increase in an underperforming economy –a great form of insurance in case the worst happens.

    1. Gold is worldwide.

    Gold has a universally recognised value. So, no matter where you are in the world, gold can be exchanged for the same amount.

    It can also be easily transported in relatively small amounts (by bar or coin), creating worldwide use without depending on a single currency.

    How to invest in gold

    Many people wonder how to invest in gold, and it’s much easier than you think.

    At ATS Bullion, we make it simple to buy gold. With us, you can purchase online, by phone, or visiting us in our London office.

    A great advantage of investing in gold is that you can quickly and easily sell at any time – giving you a flexible investment that works for you.

    Ready to make a smart investment for your future?

    Invest in gold today.

  3. Gold Asset Class Is Top Trump

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    Gold is Top Trump

    A year or so ago I couldn’t have called it. I might have had the quandary at the back of my mind but now it seems more and more likely: Trump is going to be the next Republican Presidential candidate. I wish I was a gambling man, I should have put a bet on it. The caucuses have proved that the Trump phenomena isn’t a foible in the American political mind-set, it is a reaction to world instability and the growing realisation that America’s power has lessened. It is also in part a reaction to the over exposure America has had to the global economy and the currency wars that are being played out from the EU to Asia. It isn’t exclusively just these reasons of course, the political genus won’t all be looking at it from the macro-economic level, but I have been surprised to read in the Washington Post that there are members of the Middle-class who are voting for Trump.
    This shock only comes from the well-documented statistics that his majority of votes comes from his self-confessed “poorly-educated”, those without college education. Why therefore is this occurring and where does gold come into this?

    Trump is the best asset class this year (other than Hilary), he is a direct development of discontent formed because of the establishment and the
    status quo. He is a celebrity of sorts and that helps with his publicity but his appeal is that he is not part of the establishment.

    Gold/Trump best asset

    Gold/Trump best asset

    He is, much like gold, the asset with a negative correlation matrix: when things go badly he/gold does well. Gold this year has gone up £157.22/$169.25/€159.18 – in sterling that is 21.68%. In real terms, if you had bought a kilo bar on Jan 4th and sold it based on the LBMA fix price (minus the premiums), you would have made £5,054.62 profit.

    Gold is benefiting from all the uncertainty that is unfolding this year. Much like Trump, it is riding a wave of speculation that the establishment (mainly the Banks) have not dealt with the issues that caused recession last time. The fear that recession is round the corner is a genuine concern and the inflated equities have already had a correction following multiple counts of low profit announcements made by businesses. Likewise the Chinese economy is no longer heaving with production and is slowing down – I for one am watching the so called BRIC countries waiting for the next couple of announcements – I strongly suspect larger ripples will be coming.

    Gold is the anti-establishment asset class. They will try to suppress it and are quick to write it off – but the reality is that it is being bought into and voted for by those who condemn it. It is a product of its surroundings and we wouldn’t have to have it if it wasn’t for the defective financial sector that keeps us grinding to a halt.

    Verdict:- Gold is sitting pretty at the moment. I still think there is more uncertainty to come out and I haven’t mentioned Brexit which is only going to cause more riskiness. Gold for the most part reflects fact in its pricing – it is a mirror of economic uncertainty. As for Trump – he is a mirror of a cracked political system – he may even shatter it. Bad luck for seven years?

    Article by Michael Cooper
    email:-Michael Cooper


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