1989 Gold Sovereign – A Fine Year

February 21, 2019 2:53 pm

Today is the 21st February and 30 years today in 1989, I was born. Reason enough no doubt to celebrate, you will surely think. If you must send me a celebratory Birthday hamper, I will not stop you. Typically when I first joined ATS Bullion, I thought to myself as all would-be-coin-dealers, “I will buy myself the sovereign made in 1989”. Only to find that it happens to be the most sought after and collectible proof gold sovereign made in modern times. Looking back, I probably should have bought it then, as we were selling 1989 proof gold sovereign at approximately £900 and now they trade for roughly £1400-£1500. Oh well – one day perhaps.

So what makes the 1989 Proof Gold Sovereign so special?

Aside from being my birth year, the 1989 Gold Sovereign was produced to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the first gold sovereign. The first gold sovereign was produced in 1489 in the reign of Henry VII.

proof gold sovereign 1989

1989 Gold Sovereign

1989 Gold Sovereign Design

The beautiful design was the work of the British sculptor Bernard Sindall. The obverse features an effigy of Her Majesty the Queen seated in the throne of State, beset in a crown and full heraldic robes. On the reverse, the coin features the Tudor rose adorned with a crown. Encircling the rose is an inscription “Anniversary of the Gold Sovereign 1489-1989” in a Tudor style type face.

1989 Gold Sovereign Specification

The 1989 gold sovereign, was struck in 22 carat fine gold and weighs 7.98g. The issue limit for a single proof sovereign was 12,500 – although only 10,535 were made. The coin originally came encapsulated in a Royal Mint box with a certificate of authenticity.

How do I buy a 1989 Gold Sovereign?

The 1989 gold sovereign is the most elusive of the proof gold sovereign coins. That doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands one. However, the price of them is significantly more than your standard proof sovereign. Typically a proof sovereign with box and certificate will trade for between £350-£450 depending on mintage amounts and the demand. The 1989 proof gold sovereign with box and certificate, as of writing this trades between £1400-£1500. There are 1989 sovereigns that will be without their box and certificate and they will trade between £1000-£1150. There is still a good market for the coins without box and certificate and if buying for a 30th present (hint hint) they make excellent gifts.

If you are looking for a 1989 sovereign we sell both with box and certificate and without here:
1989 Gold Sovereign – Boxed
1989 Gold Sovereign – No Box No Cert

If you are also wondering about what a proof coin is, or if there is any difference between bullion coins and proof coins. Here is a quick guide as to the difference in production and dying techniques. Here is the article What are Gold proof coins?

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