Finding Gold – The Odd Ways it’s Been Discovered

October 4, 2018 2:13 pm


Finding gold has long been the subject of many magical tales and fables. From ransacking pirates to plucky archeologists, gold is often at the centre of some of the most well-known stories.

And it’s no wonder. Gold is a great long-term investment that gives you protection without depending on a single currency. It’s no surprise the pirates liked it so much!

The precious metal has been used for centuries – and over the years people have got their hands on it in some peculiar ways.

Most of the time, gold is brought or inherited. Yet sometimes, finding gold just takes a little bit of luck, as these examples show…

A finely tuned find.

Gold can turn up in unexpected places.

Britain’s largest hoard of gold coins was found inside of a piano.

Over 900 18th century, gold sovereigns were found carefully stitched into cloth packets and hidden behind the keys.

The haul, worth £500,000 was found by a piano tuner after the piano was donated to a local school.

We’re not saying it’s time to go crazy exploring all your old furniture just yet – but maybe this is a good lesson of making sure you know exactly what you’re donating before you let it go.

Detecting gold.

A lot of gold (and unique finds) are found by metal detectors.

In fact, the largest piece of gold ever found in the U.S “The Mojave Nugget”, was found by chance in 1977 by a guy walking around with a metal detector.

Last year in a Staffordshire field, two metal detectorists also discovered the earliest example of Iron Age gold in Britain – after ditching a fishing trip to go treasure hunting.

This haul included gold sword hilts, jewelry, helmet decorations, and early Christian crosses – valued at an amazing £3.2 million. Not a bad day’s work in the end.

Know your own stories? We’d love to hear them.

But if you want to start building your own hoard, you don’t need a gold detector to get started.

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