Economic Calendar: 17th to 21st August

August 17, 2015 11:11 am

Economic Calendar: economic news coming up this week in August

This week’s Economic Calendar is another slow-ish week for August (Summer holidays are in full swing). In the UK, Tuesday is the day with the most action, as consumer price index announcements should give a good indication as to the UK’s current level of inflation. At the end of the week, the UK’s public sector borrowing is announced, which again will give strong indicators as to how the UK economy is performing. In Europe, their economic news is off the boil with very little happening, other than Trade Balance announcements on Monday. The most interesting news of the week will come from the US, with news announcements from: the housing market, manufacturing & FOMC minutes. The latter will be probably of most interest as investors will be keen to watch out for any hawkish wording in relation to rates rises.

Monday 17th August

(UK) No News!
(EU) Trade Balance s.a (Jun) – Previous Figure €21.2bn – Expected €19.3bn – Actual €21.9bn . Trade Balance released by Eurostat, shows the value between imports and exports of goods in the Eurozone.
(US) NAHB Housing market index (Aug) – Previous Figure 60 – Expected 61 Actual . National Association of Home Builders displays the growth rate in the housing market trend, based on home sales and expected home buildings.

Tuesday 18th August

(UK) Core Consumer Price Index (YoY)(Jul)- Previous Figure 0.8% – Expected 0.8% – Actual
(UK) Consumer Price Index (YoY)(Jul)- Previous Figure 0% – Expected 0%- Actual
(UK) Consumer Price Index (MoM)(Jul) – Previous Figure 0.0% – Expected -0.3% – Actual
Consumer Price Index published by the Office of National Statistics, compares price movements of goods and services. CPI is used to measure inflation in the UK economy.
(EU) No News!
(US) No News!

Economic Calendar - FOMC meeting

Economic Calendar – FOMC meeting minutes

Wednesday 19th August

(UK) No News!
(EU) No News!
(US) Consumer Price Index Ex Food & Energy (YoY)(Jul) – Previous Figure 1.8% – Expected 1.9% – Actual
(US) Consumer Price Index (YoY)(Jul) – Previous Figure 0.1% – Expected 0.2% – Actual
Consumer Price Index published by the US Department of Labor Statistics, compares price movements of goods and services excluding food and energy. CPI is used to measure inflation in the US economy.
(US) FOMC Minutes – minutes from the last meeting made by the FOMC give great insight into the hawkish or dovish mindset of the FED.

Thursday 20th August

(UK) No News!
(EU) No News!
(US) CB Leading Indicator (MoM)(Jul) – Previous 0.6% – Expected 0.2% – Actual . CB Leading Indicator is published by the Conference Board. These stats measure the overall economic activity and takes into account a number of vitals. Typically these statistics are used to measure the stability within the US ecnonomy.
(US) Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Survey (Jul) – Previous 5.7 – Expected 7.0 – Actual . The Fed Manufacturing Survey relays key trends within the manufacturing industry. Typically these results are used as a preliminary guide for the ISM Index released later on.

Friday 21st August

(UK) Public Sector Net Borrowing(Jul) – Previous £8.584bn – Actual . Public Sector Net Borrowing displays whether the UK government have increased their new debt. If the reading is lower, the UK have decreased their net borrowing which is usually taken as a positive reading for the UK economy.
(EU) Consumer Confidence (Aug) – Previous -7.1 – Expected -6.9 – Actual . Consumer confidence gives detailed statistics as to the spending activity within the Eurozone.
(US) No News!

Verdict:- In this economic calendar, the exciting news only really comes in twice this week – Public Sector Net Borrowing (UK) & FOMC minutes (US). Both of these announcements will be watched by UK & US investors alike. In truth, the FOMC minutes are probably not going to release any surprises but even so, investors will be keen to watch on any hawkish undertones. Stay tuned for another economic calendar next week.

Article by Michael Cooper

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