Economic Calendar: – 10th to 14th August

August 11, 2015 1:16 pm

Economic Calendar: economic news coming up this week in August

This week’s Economic Calendar only gets going by the end of this week. For the UK there isn’t a huge amount going on but in Europe on Thursday, the ECB meeting should be interesting to follow. Likewise the US retail sales statistics (also released on Thursday), will be a big indication as to the strength of the US economy. Lastly in this Economic Calendar, on Friday the EU CPI stats should give strong indications as to the strength and inflation of the Eurozone.

Monday 10th August

(UK) BRC Retail Sales Monitor – All (YoY) (Jul) – British Retail Consortium figures measure the change in retail in value. It shows the performance of the retail sector. The previous figure was 1.8% – 1.2% Actual Result. Click here for the full report.
(EU) Sentix Investor Confidence (Aug) – Previous Figure 18.5 – Expected 20.2 – Actual 18.4 . SIC measures monthly investor confidence.
(US) Labor Market Conditions Index (Jul) – Previous Figure 1.4 – Actual 1.1 . Labor Market Conditions provide information and an assessment of the US Labor market.

Tuesday 11th August

(UK) No News!
(EU)(GER) – Wholesale Price Index (MoM)(Jul) – Previous -0.2% Actual – 0.1% . Wholesale Price Index collects the values of transactions made by wholesalers within Germany.
(EU) ZEW Survey – Economic Sentiment (Aug) – Previous 42.7 – Expected 43.9 – Actual 47.6 . ZEW Survey measures investor sentiment. Higher readings show a higher level of optimistic investors.
(US) No News!

Economic Calendar - Eurostat

Economic Calendar – CPI News from Eurostat

Wednesday 12th August

(UK) Average Earning Including Bonus & Excluding Bonus (3Mo/Yr)(Jun) – Results for Including Bonus: Previous 3.2% – Expected 2.8% Actual 2.4 . Results for Excluding Bonus: Previous 2.8% – Expected 2.8% – Actual 2.8% . These stats released by the National Statistics give key information about how the levels of pay & income is changing within the UK economy.
(UK) Claimant Count Rate & Change (Jul) – Results of Count Rate: Previous 2.3% – Actual 2.3% . Results of Count Change: Previous 7K – Expected 1K – Actual -4.9K. These stats released by the National Statistics measure the monthly unemployment rate within the UK market.
(EU) Industrial Production w.d.a. (YoY)(Jun) – Previous 1.6% – Expected 1.5% – Actual 1.2%. Stats released by Eurostat shows the volume of production within the factory and manufacturing sector from year on year.
(EU) Industrial Production s.a. (MoM)(Jun) – Previous 0.4 % – Expected 0.0% – Actual -0.4%. Stats released by Eurostat shows the volume of production within the factory and manufacturing sector from the month.
(US) Monthly Budget Statement – Previous $51.8B – Expected $-103.0B – Actual . Stats released by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service indicates the financial movement of the all the federal deparments such as the Federal Reserve Bank.

Thursday 13th August

(UK) No News!
(EU) ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts – The policy meeting discusses the EU economy and any economic and monetary developments. The information will be used to make informed decisions regarding policy changes.
(US) Retail Sales (MoM)(Jul) & Retail Sales ex Autos (MoM)(Jul) – Retails Sales – Previous -0.3% – Expected 0.5% – Actual . Retails Sales ex Autos – Previous -0.1% – Expected 0.5% – Actual . The US Census Bureau release Monthly data showing goods sold by retailers – this tends to highlight consumer confidence and spending.

Friday 14th August

(UK) No News!
(EU) Consumer Price Index (MoM)(Jul) – Previous -0.0% – Expected -0.6% – Actual .
(EU) Consumer Price Index – Core (YoY)(Jul) – Previous 0.9% – Expected 1.0% – Actual .
(EU) Consumer Price Index (YoY)(Jul) – Previous 0.2% – Expected 0.2% – Actual .
Stats released by Eurostat showing the changes in the price and services through the European community. CPI is used to measure the pattern of inflation within the European economy.
(US) No News!

Verdict:- Not a great deal of news for the UK in this week’s Economic Calendar. Elsewhere, in Europe the news on Thursday and Friday will be worth looking out for as it should give an indication to inflation and consumer confidence within the Eurozone. In the states, retail sales statistics released on Thursday are expected to show a return to positive and increased consumer spending. The Federal Bank will be eyeing the figures readily, as it is this type of good data they will compile when looking to a potential rates rise in the coming months.

Article by Michael Cooper

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