Why invest in physical gold?

Why buy Physical Gold?

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There are many different types of gold investment. Various ways to speculate on the gold price include gold exchange traded funds (ETF’s), allocated and unallocated gold certificates and gold linked investment funds.

ATS Bullion specialises in selling physical gold, which of course means you purchase a specific weight of gold, in the form of widely recognized investment grade gold Bullion. Owning physical gold is the essence of gold investment, as having physical ownership over your own wealth gives you security over your investment. This means you have no dependence on a third party when it comes to the safety of your investment. Owning physical gold avoids reliance on another person or organisation to store, allocate or pay out your savings and is the only way to truly realise the potential of gold as a physical, transportable, reliable and tradable store of personal wealth.

Physical gold is ideally suited to investors who are looking for a mid to long term investment and who wish to secure part of their savings or investment portfolio against unforeseen or unpredictable changes in the economic climate. It suits someone who has a number of more mainstream investments and is looking to diversify their portfolio with an asset that will perform in a radically different manner, acting as a safeguard against more speculative investments.

It also tends to appeal to those who have a very negative view of the economic outlook! People who, for whatever reason, have lost faith in banks and other large financial institutions, currencies or even the economy as a whole. Unlike most other forms of investment, your savings are not reliant on the asset value of your bank. The performance of gold historically is not reliant on strong economic growth and is not directly exposed to the performance of any particular currency.

Another underlying feature is the fact that gold will always have a value, and although this value can both increase and decrease, it will never run the risk of becoming completely worthless, unlike some investments.

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