Investment Guides

This section of the site is to help clarify some of the finer points of metal Investment for those who are thinking of purchasing gold but are new to the concept. In the sections displayed here, there is information detailing why people invest in gold, how people invest in gold, and an explanation of the different investment options available to you. There is also a very useful beginners' guide which gives general information about buying gold coins and bars.

A Beginners Guide to Gold - A beginners' guide to our most popular gold coins and bars

Why invest in Gold? - Four reasons why people choose to buy physical gold

Why choose physical Gold? - Why buy physical gold over ETF's and unallocated gold

Capital Gains Tax & Gold Bullion: What you need to know - An in depth guide: Is there Capital Gains Tax on Gold & When do I have to pay Capital Gains Tax on Gold?

What are Proof Gold coins? - An explanation of what is a proof coin, how they differ to standard bullion coins and some quick tips on what to look out for when buying proofs.