Swiss Gold Coins

There are no other countries quite like the Swiss when talking about or mentioning gold. Gold and Switzerland are synonymous and needless to say have been one of the world's main trading centres for gold bullion. Historically, like much of Europe, the Swiss minted gold ducat coins across many of the canton states. After the fall of the Napoleonic Empire, the Swiss were officially recognised as an independent state in 1815. Listed below are the more common Swiss gold coins we deal with:

Coin Pure Gold Weight (t/oz) Fineness Weight (g) Years Minted
Swiss 10 Franc 0.0933 0.900 3.2258g

Minted: 1911 - 1922

Swiss 20 Franc

Buy a Swiss 20 Gold Franc

0.1867 0.900 6.4516g

Minted: 1871 -1949*

*There are variations of the coin and some coins with very small production numbers.
Swiss 50 Franc 0.3267 0.900 11.29g

Minted: 1955 - 1959

Swiss 100 Franc 0.9334 0.900 32.2581g

Minted: 1925 - 1999*

*Many of these coins have special commemorative editions.