South African Gold Coins

South African coinage is a prime example of the country's varied and rich history. South African heritage is an amalgam of cultures from the native South African tribes, the Dutch and German settlers, the Boer identity and the British colonial establishment, which have all led to a unique and industrial establishment in gold exploration and gold coin mintage. Today the most publicly known gold coin is the iconic South African one ounce gold Krugerrand.

Coin Pure Gold Weight (t/oz) Fineness Weight (g) Years Minted
South African 1/2 Pond 0.1177 0.916 3.994g

Minted: 1892 - 1897*

South African 1 Pond
0.2354 0.916 7.988g

Minted: 1874 - 1902*

*There are two variations of the 1874 coins and only 837 pieces minted.

South African Rand 0.1177 0.917 3.994g

Minted: 1961 - 1983

South African 2 Rand

South African Gold 2 Rand

0.2354 0.917 7.988g

Minted: 1961 - 1983