Italian Gold Coins

Italian gold coins are borne from one the finest traditions of gold coin minting in Europe. Up until the Italian reformation, known as Risorgimento, Italian states minted their own gold coins such as the Doppie or Doppia, Sovrano, Scudi or Scudo and the well-known Ducat, Ducati or Ducato. What is a prominent factor is the sense of national identity present in the variation of Italian gold coin designs.

Coin Pure Gold Weight (t/oz) Fineness Weight (g) Years Minted
Italian 5
0.0466 0.900 1.6129g

Minted: 1863 - 1865

Italian 10 Lire 0.0933 0.900 3.2258g

Minted: 1861 - 1927*

*All but one 10 Lires minted in 1910 were melted!

Italian 20 Lire 0.1867 0.900 6.4516g

Minted: 1861 - 1927*

*There are only half a dozen of the 1910 pieces known to exist