Hungarian Gold Coins

Hungarian gold coins like much of Europe had their own variant of the Ducat, Korona and Forint. Hungary being so centrally located in Europe thrived as a trading route to much of the surrounding countries and further afield. It was common place in Hungary to receive payments in other gold coinage which would then be re-minted. Hungary as a kingdom exchanged hands and finally ceded to the Hapsburg Empire after multiple attacks from the Ottoman Empire. It wasn't until independence in 1867 that Hungary finally managed monetary reform with the Korona as the favoured Hungarian gold coin.

Coin Pure Gold Weight (t/oz) Fineness Weight (g) Years Minted
Hungarian 10 Korona 0.0980 0.900 3.3875g

Minted: 1892 - 1915

Hungarian 20 Korona


0.900 6.7750g

Minted: 1872 - 1918*

*Variations exist from 1914 when the Bosnian coat of arms was added to some editions.

Hungarian 4 Forint/10 Francs 0.0934 0.900 3.2258g

Minted: 1870 - 1892

Hungarian 8 Forint/ 20 Francs 0.1867 0.900 6.4516g Minted: 1870 - 1892