Austrian Gold Coins

Austria have a substantial pedigree in coin mintage, hailing back to Roman occupation. In medieval and renaissance time, mints sprang up all over Austria, producing some of the finest displays of early coin craftsmanship. Below are just a few of the more well known coins, spanning the latter 19th century to modern times.

Coin Pure Gold Weight (t/oz) Weight (g) Fineness Years Minted
Austrian 1 Ducat

Austrian 1 Ducat

0.1106 3.4909g 0.986

Spanning: 1765-1915*

*1915 are commonly restrikes. There are a number of 1951 coins minted which were an error for the 1915.

Austrian 4 Ducat

4 Ducat Austrian Gold Coin

0.4430 13.96g 0.986

Spanning: 1778-1915*

*1915 are commonly restrikes. Many of the 1915 restrikes were minted between 1920-1936.

Austrian 100 Corona

Austrian 100 Corona

0.9803 33.875g 0.900

Minted: 1908 - 1915*

*1915 are commonly restrikes.