How to buy and sell gold

Below are our guidelines on How to Buy and Sell Gold with ATS: what we require in terms of identification and how to setup an account. The following information is for personal/private investors only. If you are seeking to invest through a business account please contact [email protected] or call 020 72 40 40 40 to speak with a member of staff.


You can purchase online, by phone or by visiting us in London.

Purchasing Online

1) Add item to basket

2) Proceed to checkout

3) Once in checkout, register your account by entering your name and email.

Success! You are now able to buy from us. Purchases are limited to £10,000 per transaction. Each account is limited to a maximum of £10,000 for multiple transactions. For purchases over this amount we will require photographic identification and a proof of address. For any queries regarding purchasing please call us and we will happily assist you.

Purchasing over the phone or via email

For all purchases over the phone or via an email

1) We require two forms of Identification: one photographic and one must be a proof of address i.e. Utility Bill, Council Tax or Bank Statement.

2) We can accept IDs sent via a scan, attached in an email or through the post.

Please note if paying by debit card goods can only be shipped to the registered address of the card.

The forms of payment we accept are: debit cards, cheque and bank transfers only. Please note that we allow 7 working days for cheques to clear.


If you are purchasing under £5000:

1) We require one form of photographic identification i.e. a current Passport or Driving Licence.

If you are purchasing over £5000:

2) We require two forms of Identification: one photographic (as above) and one a proof of address i.e. a recent Utility Bill, Council Tax or Bank Statement.

The forms of payment we accept are: debit cards and cash (for cash payments we only accept up to £7,000 per calendar year) and bank transfers. Please note we don't accept credit card transactions.


Selling gold or silver is simple. Either come into our office or send your bullion through the post, using insured delivery


When coming into our offices and selling over the counter, you only need to provide one form of identification for anything up to £5,000 (i.e. a current Passport or Driving Licence). For any sales over £5,000 we will require two forms of identification (i.e. a current Passport or Driving Licence & either a Utility Bill/Bank Statement/Council Tax Statement).

We will then inspect/weigh the coins and/ or bars and offer you a quote based on the live price of gold at the time of sale.

Once the purchasing price has been agreed, the dealer will ask you how you would like to receive payment. We can either supply you with:

a) a cheque

b) a same-day bank transfer or

c) payment in physical cash (subject to availability). Please note we can only give out up to £8,000 in cash per calendar year. This is in line with money laundering regulations.

The process takes about 10-15 minutes.

Selling bullion through the post

When selling your gold through the post, we recommend you use an insured courier. We tend to use Royal Mail Special Delivery with insurance, but please do research what is best for you.

When sending, it is advisable to address it to ATS Ltd, rather than ATS Bullion Ltd. Please enclose a letter/written note with a contact number and your instruction that you wish to sell the enclosed bullion. One of our dealers will then call you to confirm the price. If agreed we can pay by bank transfer or send you a cheque in the post.

For further information regarding selling bullion to us, please call us on 020 7240 4040 or email us on [email protected]