Are there any ID requirements?

What are the transaction limits?

The transaction limits are as follows:


Please be aware we have a transactional threshold of £10,000 on all customer accounts - this can be unrestricted by providing two forms of ID. Customers who provide two forms of ID, will be able to purchase unlimited orders up to a maximum of £20,000 per order online.

In Store (Face-to-face)

Please be aware ID will be required - see section What do ATS Require?

Why have transactional limits?

We have a legal obligation to comply with Government and EU regulations on Anti Money Laundering, Fraud and Terrorism. As a business our responsibility is to carry out the necessary checks and put systems in place to safeguard against money laundering and to combat financial crime. The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 require appropriate ID to be taken when certain transactions take place. The regulations state that due diligence must be complete where we are: "carrying out an occasional transaction with a customer valued at €10,000 or more".

To view more information on Anti-Money Laundering - visit the Anti-money laundering supervision: guidance for high value dealers

When do ATS Require ID?

Here are the purchasing limited where we require ID - these apply to personal investors only (if buying through a company - see below*):


Please be aware: Each transaction is verified through a fraud screening process provided by our secure gateway and when required we may ask for identification from you to verify yourself as the customer. This is an action recommended by the payment gateway during the fraud screening. The ID we require is used to verify you at the address. We consider multiple transactions to consist of multiple orders placed in a 48 hour period. For multiple transactions placed by customers from one singular address, we may contact you for identification.

In Store (Face-to-face)

These limits apply universally to buying or selling with debit cards, transfer or cash.

What Identification is acceptable?

We accept the following forms of Photographic ID:


Passport Full UK Driving Licence UK Residency Card

We accept the following forms of ID as a Proof of Address:

Bank Statement (within the last 6 months) Utility Bill (within the last 6 months) Council Tax Statement Full UK Driving Licence (but only if not used as photo ID)

Please be aware: We don't accept credit card statements or mobile phone bills.

To continue purchasing online with ATS Bullion by lifting the £10,000 maximum on your account, please scan the copies of your identification to [email protected] or alternatively you can send us the copies to ATS Limited, 2 Savoy Court, Strand, London, WC2R 0EZ. Please call us if you have any queries regarding the limits - one of our trained Bullion Dealers will be happy to help.

What happens to the ID I provide?

Identification we have requested from you are taken to verify your identity, in line with anti-money laundering guidelines. This information is not sold or used for remarketing. Information you provide is recorded by one our trained bullion dealers, in the performance of their duties only. For more information on how we keep and use your data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Below are some links with helpful information regarding Money Laundering Regulations:

*For Businesses looking to purchase from us, we will be required to complete enhanced due diligence checks. Please contacts [email protected] or call 020 72 40 40 40 to speak to a member of staff to advise you on how to place an order.